Arugam bay & Pasikuda, Sri Lankan Eastern beauties

Arugam bay & Pasikuda, Sri Lankan Eastern beauties

Arugam Bay Beach

Arugam bay and Pasikudah are two separate but equally famous beaches located on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. Pasikudah is about 7-8 hour drive from the capital Colombo and just a short distance from the Batticaloa. Arugam bay is located 117 Kms south to the Batticaloa, 320 Kms east from Colombo, and just 4 Kms south to the closest town Potuvil. Both beaches are remained untouched for a while because the area was made unreachable by the civil war, and was highly affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, and now the place has recovered to its former glory and attracting both local and foreign holiday makers as usual.

Pasikuda BeachPasikudah lies to the north of Kalkudha. The beach has unbelievably calm and shallow water, that lets you to walk far into the Ocean on a smooth sandy floor. Water is few inches deep for kilometers and current is relatively weaker than other parts of Sri Lanka.  It also known for the longest stretches of the coast line with shallow reef in the world. It is a proposed marine sanctuary by NARA and one of the best known reef systems in the East. Normally area has a warm weather; even water is not cold for most days. All over the beach is very good for your relaxation and getaway form your busy life style.

pasikudah mariamman Kovil Temple

Pasikuda Mariamman temple also a good place to visit. It is very popular Hindu Temple which is not very far from the beach. You will see several hindu gods and goddess as well as the architecture and built was amazing.

Arugam bay is home to a many known quality surf breaks.  The most popular one called as “Main Point” is actually located in the bay. Others in the area are called Whiskey point, Potuvil Point, Elephant Rock, Peanut farm and Okanda. These breaks are attracting international surfers for several decades. Arugambay is also home for some of Sri Lanka’s most talented surfers.Arugam Bay Surfing

There are many Yoga places operating around the area as this is becoming a yoga destination more than a surfing destination. Be that as it may, it’s a great way to start your day, get some exercise and relax in the same time.

Most beaches offers motorcycle to rent as tourists can easily explore the area and visit places as they wish. Panama tank and Kumana national park are another ways to spend your time while getting adventurous experience. Kumana national park is famous for its large flocks of winter migrated birds and Panama tank has spectacular view and best place to get some photos, and you may spotted few crocodiles on your way.

Batticaloa Beach Lagoon

Batticaloa Lagoon which is having several islands, another good place to visit. As many bridges built across lagoon connecting islands and landmasses. The largest bridge is located at “Kalladi” lagoon which is famous for the singing fish. It is better and possible way to hear them is from a boat. If you place your ear on an oar or a stick dipped in to the water you can hear the sound (sing) that fish made.

Arugam bay is beautiful and long beach which is perfect just to chill at all day.  Take a dip in the lovely water, play some volleyball or just having a lazy nap at the beach.

Attractions Places & Activities for Tourists Arugam bay & Pasikuda

  • Bicycle Ride
  • Surfing
  • Windsurfing
  • Kitesurfing
  • Snorkelling
  • Boat Tours
  • Boat rides on the lagoon (Engine boats, Kayak, Paddle boats, Swan boats)
  • fishing class
  • Yoga & Pilates
  • Arugam Bay Beach
  • Passikudah Beach
  • Kalkudah Beach
  • Pottuvil Lagoon
  • Batticaloa lagoon
  • Muhudu Maha Viharaya
  • Sangaman Kanda Lighthouse
  • Kudumbigala Monastery
  • Batticaloa’s Lighthouse